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We all want to succeed in life, but sometimes we feel it is our personal programs from our past that are holding us back.

Can you identify with any of the following?


  • Having trouble in your relationships with partners, colleagues and friends?

  • Feel the need for more positive health and happiness in your private life?

  • Running your life on "self limiting" out-of-date negative thought patterns?

  • Having difficulty making positive change in your life?

  • Negative addictive ways of thinking?

  • Holding on to frustration/anger at self, others and of life in general?

  • Fear of failure blocking your "call to action" towards motivation and drive?

  • Feel you are not moving on in life and in a rut?

No need to talk, MindSoft is all about re-programming your subconscious mind towards your success in life.  


It will allow you to feel different about things from your past and how you anticipate future events.

It works by unblocking any negative mind programs, acquired in your life - releasing the unlimited potential of the human mind for positive health, happiness, relationships and success in life.

So come and enjoy a unique therapy session, tailor-made specifically for you of your chosen mix of Now Therapies:

Reflexology, Bio Energy Healing , Bowen Therapy and Silent Counselling Therapy to suit your particular needs today!

£45 for the full hour session.

Now in Edinburgh, Perth/Scone


Please call 073 880 14345 to discuss your circumstances.


Best wishes - John Cooper








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